Sun King solar panel

Sun King™ “The Best Solar lamp”
– Economist Magazine

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Retail Price Solar Power Daily Run-time Brightness Battery Technology Charge Indicator Mobile Phone Charger
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Spec. Sheet
Coming Soon 6W> 24 hours 300 lumens 5 Year LFP Battery LED DISPLAY 1 USB charging port
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$ 44.99 3.3W> 45 hours 100 lumens 5 Year LFP Battery LED DISPLAY 1 USB charging port
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$ 19.99 700mW> 24 hours 50 Lumens 5 Year LFP Battery BLINK INDICATOR
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Spec. Sheet
$ 15.99 500mW> 30 hours 25 Lumens 5 Year LFP Battery BLINK INDICATOR

Versatile Design

Hang it, mount it to the wall, grab it on the go or place it on a tabletop or rough surface. Sun King’s™ design reflects the needs of passionate outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers living on and off the grid, Sun King™.

Sun King

Built To Last

Drops and splashes are inevitable. Sun King™ lights have water-sealed electrical ports and tough ABS plastic enclosures designed to withstand typical rough conditions.

Sun King

King In Battery Quality:

The Lithium ferro phosphate batteries used in Sun King™ lights are the longest lasting in the industry.

Sun King


The new Sun King™ PRO features twice the brightness and four times the mobile phone charging capacity of similar-priced alternatives. More power for consumers that demand the best.

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Sun King solar panel

Rugged Solar Panel

Detachable solar panel with a repairable junction box and a five-meter cable. Aluminum-framed, industrial-grade glass protected solar panel means superior durability.